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A great craftsmanship that gives emotions

Our history


The birth of a brand through the story of a life: the passion for art and for Italian artisanship has represented for Gabriella Bertotti the opportunity to express an extraordinary creative nature.

“I started making chandeliers in Maria Theresa style when I was 15 years old and I worked in a small company in Murano, where I met my husband Sergio Soffiato. In a small artisanal workshop, I began to create my first collections, which were sold directly with name “Beby”, the nickname by which everyone called me since childhood. I never abandoned the classic and decorative chandelier, but I decided to focus the company’s work on those values that every day lived and grew with us, specializing myself on producing ‘tailor-made’ products, to fulfil the most of the dreams and needs of my customers”.

As a witness of the company’s history, and becoming the author of the managerial project that has transformed it into a modern industrial company, Massimo Soffiato, president of Beby, represents the connection between the two generations, united by a single tradition full of prestige.

“I sensed the need for a change in the family company, to perform a diversification that would allow having a valid alternative to the classic decorative chandelier and meeting new trends and fashions devoted to modernity and to new artistic influences”.

Here starts the prestigious cooperation with the designer Silvia Broggian.


Every model has itself hundreds of years of artisanship works and Italian experience in creating art objects of inestimable value.

A value which is given by the absolute craftsmanship that provides the tools and skills needed to create unique pieces, custom-made and exclusive products, where the extreme care for details is ensuring the excellence of each product, on which the Company has always based the identity and philosophy of the company.


Thanks to the decisive contribution of the Art Director and Designer Silvia Broggian the BEBY ranges have been enriched by a new strong identity in which the essential design is the key for the development of a highly and refined style.

Her experience in the fashion and the ability to interpret the new trends, her need for creativity and modernity together with her desire to adhere to a consistent life, give inspiration to create a deeply sophisticated style for each proper home living.

Suggestions and revelations of style that will gather in all her projects.

In the past few years, Beby  has specialized in the production and realization of custom-made furnishings: now the biggest challenge is the realization of complete turnkey projects. Beby studies and develops projects that can be customized with useful solutions suited to the expectations of each customer. The professional team of technical and creative experts makes use of collaborations with Italian fabrics, wallpapers, curtains and precious accessories that will adorn your homes making them unique with an unmistakable style. Attention to customer is Beby main focus. Therefore, every single phase of the realization like the furniture assembly, the wallpaper application and the personalized embroidery is keenly followed by the Company always striving for the excellence. This is the only way to create a service at the highest level: a total customization at 360 degrees.

Beby Preeminence
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