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A design sculpture of Crystal, colors and lights

“Light-up your smile and illuminate your days to come”

A real work of art floating in the air and radiating light refractions: It recalls exotic landscapes with enchanting colors. Beby Preeminence is proud to present this incredible Sculpture, the result of constant and innovative research by the Art Director and Designer Silvia Broggian, which combines artistic, technological and decorative elements. A prestigious and innovative creation that revolutionizes the world of lighting, making it unique in its kind.

Immersed in the equatorial nature, the Colibrì presents its plumage recreated with tight golden networks. A modular wingspan up to 2 meters and a central body of 1.30 meters long. The vibrant nuances of the body are embellished through a mantle of about 5,000 Swarovski® crystals with the colors of nature: a kaleidoscope of intertwined tones, emphasized by the LED light inside the central body.


Our expert artisans describe in detail how they recreated this impressive sculpture, under the attentive eye of the Art Director Silvia Broggian. It takes more than a month of painstaking work in which the whole process must be performed exclusively and entirely by the same person in order to have uniformity in the hand-working.

The structural body as well as the beak and the small tail, are made with a metallic golden-leaf web. It is entirely covered by two types of Swarovski® crystals: the top is composed of mirrored crystals while the bottom has smaller and colored Swarovski® elements.

A curios detail on this creation is the presence of a single red crystal: it is a color which does not belong to the natural spectrum of the Colibrì but it is set in the upper part of the body symbolizing the extreme love and passion that has characterized the creation of this work of art.

The eyes of the Colibrì have a color shade between the cobalt and the overseas blue forming thus a visual niche highlighting their circular shape.

Beby Preeminence
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